Organic milk paint for wood and walls with a family tradition since 1974. We don't offer discounts or free delivery. We set aside 10% of your purchase for donating milk paint to kindergartens in Croatia :)

20 rustic tones mixed with water only: lime + cow's milk protein + natural earth pigment. Free of additives, volatile organic solvents, harmful chemicals and odours. 100% biodegradable traditional ecological milk paint for wood and interior walls is ideal for the environment of pregnant women, newborns, babies, children, the whole family and pets.

Mr. Charles Thibeau of the American city of Groton, Massachusetts, began experiments in 1974 to reproduce the original formula of organic color powder based on cow's milk protein. American colonists used skim milk or buttermilk, but Mr. Charles Thibeau decided to use milk protein in powder form so that the natural ingredients of the dye could be stored for a long time and easily mixed with water. Exactly 44 years ago, the family production of milk dyes began.


Konsiteo is a company based in London, UK. Founded as a startup in 2014, we are present in the countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Our warehouse is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. Satisfied customers, contribution to the local community and socially responsible and ethical business are important to us.

The traditional organic milk paint was devised in 1974 in Groton, Massachusetts, USA. Our warehouse is located in Rijeka, Croatia.

Milk Paint for wood (170g for 1.75 m2 and 2 coats, 340g for 3.5 m2 and 2 coats, 1400g for 14 m2 and 2 coats) and Milk Paint SafePaint® for interior walls (1800g for 14 m2 and 2 coats). It is necessary to add 8x Extra Bond for 1400g Milk Paint, 2x Extra Bond for 340g Milk Paint or 1x Extra Bond for 170g Milk Paint. We don't have in stock the milk paint you are looking for? Click here to pre-order the milk paint. Hip hip hooray!

Milk Paint Club

€6 yearly

With the funds raised we donate milk paint to kindergartens in the EU

Milk Paint Club

€12 yearly

With the funds raised we donate milk paint to kindergartens in the EU

Milk Paint Club

€24 yearly

With the funds raised we donate milk paint to kindergartens in the EU

Every week we give away a beautiful book to one of our organic milk paint customers ;)


"Werner's Nomenclature of Colours Adapted to Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Anatomy and the Arts"​


Patrick Syme, 1814.

Milk Paint Boutique, founder

Alen Karlovic

"Someone will always find a way to offer lower prices, but it is a race to the bottom. The race to the top has more sense for us. We focus on quality, innovation and social entrepreneurship, which require patience, passion and perseverance. The journey to the top is a long-term goal with the desired outcome. Customer loyalty is achieved through exceptional products and consistent service that generates trust."

Milk paint has been used for thousands of years. It's incredibly durable and often lasts for hundreds of years if it's protected from wear and weather.

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. won the USDA certificate for the traditional milk paint. The USDA label certifies that biodegradable milk paint ingredients meet or exceed the USDA standard. Bio-products are composed of agricultural materials. Milk paint, as well as SafePaint® formulation for interior walls, are made from natural materials, including milk protein (casein), crushed limestone, clay and earth pigments. We not only sell products but inspire customers to leave a unique creative mark in the world.

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Milk Paint Boutique

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