Milk paint for wood

Milk Paint

Our old fashioned milk paint is a re-creation of the ancient milk paint formula used for centuries before the sale of commercially made paints. It is an authentic finish for use in the restoration of antiques or the reproduction of antique furniture. It comes in vibrant colours that are durable and do not fade. Also, since our milk paint is made from elements that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and other toxic bases and solvents, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and odour-free when dry. Our milk paint is preferred by custom furniture builders, interior designers, artists, artisans, do-it-yourselfers, and those who are sensitive to the need to protect the environment. Milk paint is used to achieve an authentic "old look" for furniture, floors, cupboards, woodwork, walls, signs, toys and stencilling. It penetrates into all clean, porous (unfinished) surfaces. With a clear topcoat to seal the painted surface, it can be used for furniture subject to fingerprints and spills. For surfaces expected to receive more heavy wear, we recommend using a heavy-duty topcoat.

Safety Data Sheet