Milk Paint Tavern Green

Milk Paint Tavern Green


The Old Fashioned milk paint is a re-creation of the ancient milk paint formula used for centuries before the sale of commercially made paints. It is an authentic finish for use in the restoration of antiques or in the reproduction of antique furniture. It comes in rich colours that are durable and do not fade. Also, since the real milk paint is made from elements that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and other toxic bases and solvents, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and odour-free when dry. Milk Paint is preferred by custom furniture builders, interior designers, artists, artisans, do-it-yourselfers, and those who are sensitive to the need to protect the environment.


SafePaint® is a newly formulated milk paint designed for use on walls. Our original formula was created for porous surfaces like wood and masonry. SafePaint® was formulated for use on non-porous surfaces such as previously painted walls and new sheetrock. It will also adhere to other surfaces such as metal, or prior finished wood, cabinetry, furniture, etc. And you can certainly use it on porous surfaces like bare wood as well. It's easily mixed, especially at higher speeds with a drill paint paddle or a portable kitchen beater. You just add water and mix.


Our Extra Bond is a water-based polymer emulsion. When added to Milk Paint it gives the paint greater adhesion to non-porous or previously finished surfaces. As an adjunct to Milk Paint, it is used by custom furniture builders, interior designers, artisans, and do-it-yourselfers on delicate surfaces. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, low odour and VOC-free. Extra Bond is mixed with Milk Paint before painting on surfaces such as glass, baked enamel, primed metal, oil or latex painted surfaces, varnished, shellacked or polyurethaned surfaces.


Measure out equal parts of mixed Milk Paint and Extra Bond. Mix together. You may use as little as one part Extra Bond to two parts Milk Paint, but better adhesion may be achieved using equal parts.